Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bottom panel marked out and ready to cut

Phew! 'twas hot today, but in between the cricket (West Indies have 51 runs to win, Aussies have one wicket to take tomorrow), I managed to loft the bottom panel. Just a short note about concentration on this type of task: would you believe I nearly started to cut the panel out, along the lines plotted, without taking heed of the big bold print "Cut 20 mm outside the lines!!!!"? When you mark out the nice, sleek lines of this boat, you just want to cut it to get it done!

Another week has passed, and tomorrow is again life saving training for Jack, so perhaps another beach photo tomorrow. In the meantime, almost as sexy, is the marked up bottom panel. Wife is asking "seems a bit narrow - will we all fit in that thing?"

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