Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did I say boat building over Easter?

It's a good thing that Easter lasts four days, because Saturday and Sunday morning will be taken up with my longest bike ride yet - 101km, from Roleystone, in the hills just out of Perth, to Beverley, in the Avon Catchment area of our wheatbelt.

Beverley hosts a lawn tennis tournament every year, and has done so for over 75 years. We normally camp out with the Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club, but this year, none of the kids are playing, and my tennis isn't worth the embarrasment, so I thought I'd ride to Beverley on my pushy. A bit like swimming to Rotto, in its honour, because "it is there" and I owe it so many good times over the years.

Here's a map of the route. Hope it's not too hot on the day, and the traffic is alert and awake to a lone cyclist on the relatively narrow road.


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  1. How's the GIS build progressing? Don't make me come over there to get you motivated!