Saturday, January 23, 2010

False start to ripping timber

Just got back from "Your Wood Works", and the chap there was so helpful - in fact, so helpful, he sent me packing, to do more homework on the cuts of timber I'd need. When faced with clear, simple questions like "how long is each piece, I went to water, unable to prove to myself where in the plan it was mentioned.
I have to learn how to make the smooth side, cut to width, then saw to length etc, and try to do this in the  most cost effective way when the timber is so expensive. So, back to the books, make a cutting list, and get more timber too so that I can get the most from the hourly rate at the tool shed.

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  1. JT,
    Not too sure if you are aware and its a bit too late but they sell Goat Island Skiffs here in the US in kit form....everything is precut. Also read that even the professional boat builders will build from kits. I can understand the satisfaction one would gain by doing this from scratch.....I hope you can overcome the tough start....I look forward to further're almost inspiring me to build one of these things...Good luck